About Us

MG Associates is a company handled by a group of young and dynamic people. It provides various services to the clients. We are a boutique team of experienced, qualified, skilled,and like minded people. We better understand about 21st century’s clients’ needs, expectations, requirements etc and act accordingly to accomplish our mutual goals. Our sincerity, maturity and experiences are key strengths for our business.

We do business by putting first to our community. Our abroad study counselling services are based on realistic information not for the fascinating advertisement. We sale services not advertisements. We do counselling  for those students who want to pursue their higher studies in overseas.

We are a boutique team and thrive to deliver real services in real time for your desired goal. We are a team of experienced , qualified and  like minded people. We aimed to develop our society not only grow our business. We are truely a team of people who understand the local peoples’ aspiration.

Our Major Services are :

  • Accounting, Taxation and Business Services,
  • Education and career counselling services for international students,
  • Migration and visa services

(All services are not provided from all our offices therefore please contact us for more information (our contact details are in “contact us” page.)

We have an ambitious and vibrant team of experienced, qualified and friendly people. We aimed to provide real time services. Our core objective is to make the life of our valued customers’ much easier, happier and healthier. Therefore, we always thrive to deliver quality services. We never count on the number of clients we have or will get in future, instead we are always concerned on fulfilling our client’s goals.  Currently we are providing our services from three different location:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Pokhara, Nepal
  • Kathmandu, Nepal


  • We advise and suggest based on rigorous research, prevailing experiences and feedbacks from our clients, students and stakeholders, therefore we have better plan and pathway to succeed our plan.
  • Understanding the time value and investment, we act carefully and responsibly to accomplish our clients’ needs and requirements,
  • We focus on quality services rather than quantity services therefore we always have better plan and expected number of clients,

What is MG Associates?

MG Associates is a reliable company of different service providers. Our team members are highly skilled and have years of experience of working in the various sectors of business industry. Their independent valuable skills and caliber assures us to offer reliable and quality services even being a small team.

Who we are in the Market?

MG Associates has entered in this competitive business world, aiming to deliver excellent services to our clients. We are a team of experts who are interested  to render our services to individuals, small businesses and self-employed people. Now, we are focusing more in the educational consultation.

How can we get benefits from MG Associates?

The team has acquired in-depth knowledge from our research and studies. Hence, we are confident that our services will meet our clients’ expectations. As we are now in business to serve with our skills and caliber, we just need your trust and book and in return, we will add value to your businesses and your life.

Why choose us

For genuine and real time services
For quality services
For your better future
For save your time and hassle free life
For wise utilization of your time and money